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By Christian Meoli
05/10/2005 02:49:54 PM


A Cloud the shape of South America was purchased by Golden Palace.com this week. Skeptics at The Center for Inquiry West were left pondering if this was the sort of topic worth investigating. The pricetag of $29,598.00 was a mere blip on Golden Palace's advertising budget, as the unique gambling website is making every effort to amuse the masses into giving them money falling under the new get rich scheme...Poker!

Apparently the technique is working. Just today GP.com posted quarterly earnings up 1/8th to the 8th to the 8th...in other news Cabaret Voltaire receives a savior of a phone call in our search for a nude model.

At our April event (which featured Nathalie Broizat, Francois Fly and an assortment of other flabbargastingly delicious mouth and nose breathers) we had scheduled a surprise (as we normally do) for our generous patrons. A nude model for sketching. Utensils and drawing pads were at the ready. Model was retained via craigslist and excited at his first foray into nude modeling. Small stipend plus drinks were promised.

Producer/organizer Christian Meoli (who once attended drawing class in college) sunk back into the medereal cortex of his 'noggin to recall the postures and positions the model from circa 19** utilized in such posings. Producer Meoli urged model to incorporate physically a position that he felt best described his viewpoints on society. Five minutes later the model was still thoughtless. Meoli created said posture in particular position and model seemed to be in agreement the position and posture could work. As the doors opened and utensils and drawing pads were about to be sketched...the model was nowhere to be found. He split.

Editor's Note: The Dada movement and the concepts of the original Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich early last century are alive and well in this century at the Steve Allen Theater. More about how this iteration of Cabaret Voltaire came about at their website.

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