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Theater in West Hollywood
Date(s): 10/18/2019 to 10/21/2019
Day(s): Monday Friday Saturday Sunday
Time(s): Fri. & Mon. at 7:00. Sat. & Sun. at 2:00 and 7:00.
Address: 7936 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood 90046
Cost: $20 each program

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Short plays by LGBTQ artists and/or with LGBTQ themes. Each group of plays is named after a performing icon.

Group Garland
Friday, October 18 at 7:00 p.m.; Saturday, October 19 at 2:00 p.m.; Sunday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.

The Diary. Directed and written by Thomas J. Misuraca. David’s mother is upset at finding her son’s diary of gay sexual adventures, but not for the reasons you may think….

Sweet She. Directed by Cynthia Levin. Written by Jeff Locker. The story of two women who met, touched pinkies and fell in love.

Babe. Directed by Ashley Karp. Written by Andrew Cervantes. All Ollie wanted was to score some bases with her girlfriend. But when a birthday surprise goes awry, the only one striking out is love itself.

Edward and Gaveston. Directed by Pavel Cerny. Written by David Brendan Hopes. Young King Edward II meets the love of his life, a street urchin named Gaveston.

A Case of Curiosity. Directed and written by Jumi Rayne. A cool lesbian bartender sifts through curious women in search of true love.

2020. Directed and written by Patrick Darab Hartigan. A story about hope, failure and determination in the fight to achieve your dreams.

How Did Edward Lose His Accent? Directed and written by Teddy Alexis Rodriguez. Edward has not come to terms with his family’s rejection. Bringing the tale of two dresses to life with his best friend might help him finally confront the past.

Any Port. Directed and written by Michael Narkunski. Brian doesn’t like gay people, which is a little problem since he’s gay. He is also in the exact wrong place to change his mind.

Poseidon, What Ails You? Directed by John Fingal O’Donnell. Written by Dallas Bancroft. In Ancient Rome, a most unnatural love is up for debate among the male citizens.

Perfect. Directed by Arden Pryor. Written by Josh Levine. One cold Chicago “morning after,” Rayna teaches Julia how to peel a banana like a monkey, among other things…..

Dreamin’- The Highs to the J-Lows. Directed by Salina Estitties. Written by Jason DePuy and Jeff Witzke. Selina works hard for her money. But Selina hopes, she has dreams. So what happens when Selina gets the opportunity of her lifetime?

Group Dietrich

Saturday, October 19 at 7:00 p.m.; Sunday, October 20 at 2:00 p.m.; Monday, October 21 at 7:00 p.m.

Wait….Let’s Have Fun! Directed and written by Tim Murray. Tim is constantly trying to be the “cool girl” in school, at gay clubs in Miami, waiting tables in NYC, hanging out with his mum, and checking in bags for celebrities.

Sweet He. Directed and written by Jeff Locker. The story of two men who met, almost kissed, and fell in love.

From the Beginning. Directed and written by Patrick Hurley. Three gay guys walk into a stereotype….They may never leave.

La Mujer Del Espejo. Directed and written by Flick Anderson. Naima is a fat, queer body-positive activist who lives life to the fullest, until she is confronted by an inner demon that questions her existence and what it means to be beautiful.

A Supportive Wife Supports Her Wife. Directed by Ann James. Written by Rex McGregor. Valentine’s Day has never been more of a struggle for power. As an unlikely threesome rips the media a new one, glittering pages of modern “herstory” are born.

Role Model. Directed and written by Jackie Loeb. The overwhelming expectations of a middle-aged member of the LGBTQI community and the exhaustion that goes with it.

Where Do You Plan to Spend Eternity? Directed and written by Nick Atkinson. Dylan’s L.A. Gay Pride celebration is interrupted by some misguided religious zealots.

Bath Story. Directed and written by Kerr Seth Lordygan. Two men find more than they bargained for while visiting a bathhouse.

She. Directed by Zoey Rose. Written by Maura Pierlot. Every day she fights to be heard, to dress as she wants, to be who she is….until one day the ultimatum between he and she must be called to reckoning.

Vancie That. Directed and written by Vancie Vega. Peppered with the crisp, contemptible quips of the legendary Bette Davis, this gripping musical dramedy soars above the valleys of addiction and homelessness and ultimately shines through to a delicious triumph.

Palm Springs Break. Directed by Drew Droege. Written by Ryan O’Connor. Not your Mama’s man-to-man talk.

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