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Classes & Seminars in West Hollywood
Day(s): Friday
Time(s): 9.30am - 4pm
Address: 313 N Edinburgh Ave, LA 90048
Phone: 310 498 7374
Cost: $275 including literature and lunch

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Pause In Joy is a school of thought with a unique Reiki Program using ancient wisdom, mindfulness and utilizing the universal life force energy to expand consciousness. Reiki is clearly misunderstood as only a healing modality when in fact it was originally taught as a spiritual philosophy to achieve personal perfection in ones own life physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her teaching Program incorporating the these original teaching of Mikao Usui and authentically uses Reiki in one's own life to utilize an intrinsic practice enhancing ones energy. Patti had authored 4 Reiki Work Books to guide you through each stage of your unfoldment, growth and development.

Reiki is generally seen as a treatment therapy but was created as a Method to achieve your own personal perfection, to follow your bliss. As a treatment it is said to

-Relaxes stressed muscles and body,

-Decreases pain

-Accelerates healing time of bones, burns and bruising.

-Reduce anxiety

-Increases a sense of well-being and calmness

-Enhance clarity

See my website for more details


Reiki I

This level of Reiki Is an introduction to using energy within your own bio-energy field. Where exactly do you fit in the cosmos? What experiences have you already had with energy? How do you already use energy in your work, relationships? And what is it? Reiki I teaches the principle that you are already living inside the universal life-force energy, all energy is at your disposal through using yourself as the conductor and is not about gaining energy from outside but harnessing more within. There is no leakage of energy, no drainage of energy from other beings or people you come into contact with. This is a program you set up to believe that you are at the will of those around you and must protect yourself through fear. You are like a fish in water and now you can access that ocean of energy to treat yourself daily, family, friends and your pets. Students are expected to self-medicate Reiki for 30 days post-attunement to build the body's bio-energy system, incorporate five principles just for today, formulate a meditation practice and activate your intuition, as well as using Reiki on a pre-selected volunteer.

Class-One full day, 10 am to 4 pm.

Reiki II

Due to the expansion of the collective consciousness in this field most students quickly embrace Reiki II, but respectfully each student must make that decision for them self. This level of attunement is only available to those students attuned to Reiki I. If you are from another lineage, Patti will listen to your feedback of what you need and ascertain if their is any further work you are require to accomplish or complete before taking the step of Reiki II within this program. Reiki II is for those wishing to commit to using Reiki at a deeper level and empower yourself to clear past limitations and futures fears. Using the energy to move through the illusion of time and space you will send Reiki back to every year in your life to clear past blockages, limitations, angers, resentments and accept all that is and has been to now work in your favor. Class is one full day, 9 am to 6 pm.

Reiki III

This level of Reiki Masters Practitioner and allows students the Master symbol of Empowerment without making the commitment to teach Reiki. The student will be involved in community Reiki Circles to perform Healing Attunements and hold the energy associated with this channel. As you meticulously send Reiki back to every year of your life from milestones you plotted, now you get to change that story and project your future. Some think their story is their identity.......Or is it? Was it just a story you made up -from a vantage point that you decided told your story. To prepare one month before class I would like you to write your Sob Story and on the flip side write your Inspirational Story, keep the paper in your wallet or purse. The symbols given at Reiki II will now have life as you intone their meaning through sound. As you have accepted all that you are and rewriting all that you can be students are given the rare opportunity to present a talk on any metaphysical subject close to their hearts. This presentation is without limits and is your for the writing.

Class 2 days 9am-6pm

Reiki Master

Embracing the level of Reiki Master is a commitment to be of service to the spiritual conscious life-force energy in all that you do in its expansion. The Master level opens your channel fully to allow you to have the ability to attune others to Reiki. If this energy is not fully utilized in teaching and is for the purpose of ego it can be unpredictable. Complete immersion within the attunements process using the Kotodama is essential as you must learn to listen to the energy source and its direction in your life. Creating visualization meditations to guide students to their inner peace while you hold the energy is practiced within the group and given energetic feedback with love. This is your moment to embrace all that is and all that has always been. You are the creator of your own path, so now is the time to walk on it.

Class is 2 full days from 9 am - 6 pm.

After your successful completion of training in Reiki I,II, III and Masters certification is awarded in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

Love & Light

Patti Penn

Pause In Joy

Reiki Master (Teacher), EFT Practitioner and Yogi

Contact 310 498 7374

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Eye Spy LA is not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

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