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By Nancy Mills


It was one of those fantastic California days. The weather was in the 90's. The sand was crunchy and hot. The breeze gentle. And the Pacific Ocean spilled cresting waves of aqua marine blue. Nirvana.

There we were. Fifteen spirited women. Dressed in our hats, flip flops, shorts and sunglasses, sitting on huge beach towels atop colorful mats, our water bottles ready to drink, with our multi-colored bags sprinkled about.

We had all come this idyllic afternoon to do our first Reiki Circle together. Actually, I had arranged the event for Spirited Woman, an ever- growing women's empowerment community. For years, I have been a huge fan of Reiki and I had asked my friend and Reiki Master Patti Penn to lead us in a 2-hour Reiki Circle combining visualization, meditation and energy balancing work.

We were there to experience the power of group healing energy and to also send Reiki to family, friends, projects, etc. We were told to bring our business cards, scripts, vision boards, diaries...anything we wanted to send Reiki to or release.

Patti, with her Irish accent, full head of bright golden curls, and fun intensity shared with us some of the reasons why Reiki is so good for your general well-being.

We learned such things as Reiki identifies the emotional cause of your physical dis-ease; allows you the clarity needed to handle situations in life; Reiki addresses your own emotional tranquilizers whether they be food, alcohol, cigarettes etc. and highlights the imbalance within you; Reiki gives an immense sense of peace to your life and allows you the understanding of how your emotional vibration can impact your physical health and to embrace the changes that are

Later with our eyes closed and sitting perfectly still, Patti and her assistant Samantha, quietly walked around and attuned" each one of us, focusing on our individual energy and balancing it. When that was finished, we were asked to close our eyes again, sit quietly and to focus our group healing energy on our family, friends, scripts, vision boards, whatever needed our visualization and manifestation.

When the two hours were up, one by one we talked about our experience. One woman literally saw an opening in her comedy career.

Another noticed how stuck she had felt. Another summed up her experience this way, "I felt angels all around us."

The next day attendee Gisele Perez, e-mailed, "I woke up this morning free of a chronic mid-back pain I have had for about 5 years now. I regularly practice yoga, get massages,and sometimes see a chiropractor. While these things have helped many of my other aches and pains, they have never done much for this particular one. How wonderful for me! God, I hope this lasts!"

As I said, nirvana.

I invite you to join us for our next Spirited Woman Adventure - our very popular
Downtown Fashion District Walk & Spring Shopping Adventure on Saturday May 10. Perfect to do with Mom. You can go to www.TheSpiritedWoman.com/events to sign-up or call 888-428-1234.

We're all about "Creative Fun for Inspired Women."

-- Nancy Mills - aka The Spirited Woman (nancymills@thespiritedwoman.com)

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