Los Angeles - AL FRESCO L.A. - SUMMER OUTDOOR ENTERTAINMENT 2018Yes 06/01/2018 - Summer in L.A. is all about the experience and not so much about the money. Grab your friends and a cooler, a blanket, and a picnic. You'll find plenty of summer events and low cost al fresco entertainment all over town. Pasadena Pavilion Summer Concerts - free concerts during the summer in Pasadena FREE CONCERTS: Some of the best things in summer are free. Look around you're own neighborhood. You'll find free concerts, film screenings and theatre in parks, shopping centers, museums, and other ......Things to do in Los Angeles this summer
Los Angeles - FIREWORKS! WHERE TO GO ON THE FOURTH OF JULYYes 06/24/2016 - OOH AAH - FIREWORKS! In our safety obsessed society, where no hang nail goes unlitigated, normally cautious people become momentarily unhinged with delight at the thought of lighting up a hot, sparkly, multicolored, illegal incendiary device on Independence Day. Play it safe, we have lots of recommendations for a fun and fiery fix. DOWNTOWN L.A. @ GRAND PARK. The 4th of July Block Party is a free all day event at Grand Park starting at 3pm. Go Metro - take the Red Line to the Civic Center/Grand ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - PLACES TO GO WHEN YOU CAN'T DECIDE WHAT TO DOYes 01/15/2016 - Where is your favorite place to walk around and people watch? We asked Eye Spy LA visitors to vote for their favorites and here are the results.. Venice Beach and Santa Monica tied for top votes at 30% each. Pasadena was a distant 3rd at 13%, followed by Hollywood at 11%, Downtown at 9% and 3rd & Fairfax (The Grove/Farmers Market) with 6%. These are all great places to go when you aren't sure what you want to do. Each of these destinations offer multiple options for recreation, dining and enter ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - EYESPY SURVIVED HALLOWEEN HAUNTS GUIDEYes 10/02/2015 - Halloween is not a one-night holiday anymore. Haunted houses, theme parks, festivals and shows are open throughout October. The choices can be scarily overwhelming. We’ve run screaming through haunted houses, got lost in corn mazes, survived zombies and made it out otherwise unscathed. Be prepared for the spookiest Halloween events with our handy haunts survival guide. EYESPY SURVIVED HALLOWEEN HAUNTS
Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
The venue makes this Halloween haunt a real treasure. Forget the st ......
Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - EYE SPY LA CONTESTS & DISCOUNT OFFERSNo 11/07/2014 - Eye Spy LA is all about exploration, discovery and trying new things to do. Here are some opportunities to try something different at a discount or sometimes even for free. From time to time Eye Spy LA offers ticket giveaway contests. These drawings are announced in the Eye Spy LA weekly email newsletter and sometimes via Twitter. Use the Subscription box at the right to sign up for the newsletter or follow Eye Spy LA at THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO DISCOUNT OFFERS AVAILABLE - CH ......Discount Tickets in Los Angeles
Cool, entertaining, fun, unusual events and
other things to do in the greater Los Angeles area Scroll below for just some of the things on the Eye Spy LA calendar
that our editorial staff thinks look good to do this coming weekend and beyond. If you prefer to consult the charts before you go anywhere, check out Cici Psy-Chic's monthly event picks that will align with your sign in this month's EYESTROLOGY event forecast. For NEWS & REVIEWS YOU CAN USE visit our E ......
Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - 'TIS THE SEASON TO GLITTERYes 12/07/2013 - This time of the year is alight with all that is twinkly and bright. Here are a few of our favorite places to go and bask in all that glorious glow... DOWNTOWN L.A. - from Union Station to South Park. Go Metro. El Pueblo & Olvera Street are always colorful and festive places to go. At this time of the year you'll find Las Posadas and fun shopping on Olvera Street. Go Metro to Union Station and walk across the street to El Pueblo. Pershing Square will have numerous holiday events and concerts al ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - "TOTEM" A TESTAMENT TO THE WONDER OF WHAT THE HUMAN BODY CAN DOYes 10/18/2013 - The latest show from Cirque du Soleil to hit the Southern California area, TOTEM traces, through amazing gymnastics, the progress of evolution from amphibians to athletic, trapeze-flying human beings. There's even a humorous progression of monkeys to a man in a business suit. The opening spectacle involves the characters flinging themselves around a jungle gym apparatus evoking a giant turtle, the symbol of origin for many ancient civilizations. The apparatus then lifts into the rafters, and a ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - CIRCLEVILLE PUMPKIN PARTY, CIRCLEVILLE, OHIO, 1959Yes 10/18/2013 - Among the crowd, two suited men stand out gazing and pointing at the beautiful, bountiful harvest of pumpkins and gourds lined on wooden platforms. A pumpkin tree is staged in the heart of town. Its Christmas tree-ness reminds us that Santa season is right around the corner. A fun Ferris wheel spins a block away. Welcome to one of Americana's greatest pumpkin parties. Thousands of folks come every year from far and near to admire the gorgeous gourd expo, catch a glimpse of the "Little Miss Pump ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - 'TRACERS' & 'THE LONG WAY HOME' DO THEATER PROUDYes 10/18/2013 - It’s been almost 35 years since ‘Tracers’ debuted (at a then little known theater called the Odyssey) and its current reprisal with an all-veteran cast is as prescient and harrowing now as it was in its first staging during the aftermath of the Vietnam war era. The psychic wounds on the country had not healed anymore than the physical and psychological toll on veterans as they reintegrated into a thankless, judgmental society. This spurned a response from actor/writer/director John DiFusco w ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ‘THE GUARDSMAN’ AT A NOISE WITHIN IS UNGUARDEDLY BLISSFULYes 10/11/2013 - There are some shows that defy the accuracy of describing the blissful experience in retrospect. It’s easy enough to trot down the basic info: who, what, where, why and how but to capture the essence of a production and the ebullience it creates for the audience is a delicate negotiation which can either suffer from effusiveness or the false appearance of faint praise. At A Noise Within’s ‘The Guardsman’ by Hungarian playwright Ferenc Molnár, translated by Frank Marcus, any superfluous obse ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Midtown LA - DAMN IS THIS GOOD! SINGLE ORIGIN COFFEE AND SHORTCAKE AT THE ORIGINAL FARMERS MARKETYes 10/10/2013 - Award winning pastry chef Nancy Silverton has done it again. YES this IS the woman who created and brought us the ORIGINAL La Brea Bakery and the concept of sourdough artisan breads! This time she has opened SINGLE ORIGIN and SHORTCAKE in one stall at the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. Damn is this good! Everything about this place works. It is an open bar in the old Farmers Market setting. Pastries and baked goods are being made right in front of your eyes and each VERVE coffee is ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK IN L.A. - EDITOR'S EVENT PICKSNo 09/27/2013 - THINGS TO DO THIS WEEK IN L.A. - lots of cool, entertaining, fun and unusual events and other things to do ... Get the scoop on the best places to go for your annual patriot fireworks fix
See our FIREWORKS page for all the DETAILS
or check our THURSDAY calendar for all kinds of things to do on July 4th There is always plenty going on around town to fill any free time you have. Just scroll below for some of the things we think look good to do this week. Our favorite FREE EVENT this weekend: B ......
Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS 2013 IS DEAD ONYes 09/27/2013 - Utilizing the successful franchises of AMC’s The Walking Dead and Insidious 2, Universal Studios recent opening of Halloween Horror Nights is a solid choice for a night of exceptional terror. The expanded courtyard leaves more room for a ghastly entreaty filled with chainsaw toting maniacs and sexy dancing divas. Zombie actors are superb at spooking and scaring visitors without relying on the ‘ole “boo” from the shadows trick. These fearful ghouls have a surprising way of prowling up to a p ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ‘BREATH AND IMAGINATION’ SOARS AT THE COLONY IN BURBANKYes 09/27/2013 - The season opener at the Colony about the first African-American concert artist, Roland Hayes, epitomizes the pursuit of passion despite struggle and necessary determination when all that sustains it is little more than breath and imagination. Given the Colony’s recent financial woes, this west coast premiere is a fitting choice, even if a slight departure from their typical trope. Breaking new ground by challenging prejudice and outmoded ideas requires bravery and belief. Roland Hayes’ incre ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - EYESTROLOGY - THIS MONTH'S EVENT FORECASTYes 09/20/2013 - Happy birthday to these celebrity October Librans: Julie Andrews (10/1), Sting (10/2), Gwen Stefani (10/3), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (10/4), Kate Winslet (10/5), Elisabeth Shue (10/6), Yo-Yo Ma (10/7), Matt Damon (10/8), Sharon Osbourne (10/9), Mario Lopez (10/10), Amitabh Bachchan (10/11), Hugh Jackman (10/12), Ashanti (10/13), Usher (10/14), Keyshia Cole (10/15), Flea (10/16), Eminem (10/17), Ne Yo (10/18), Michael Gambon (10/19), Viggo Mortensen (10/20), Carrie Fisher (10/21), Shaggy (10/22), Weir ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ‘THE TWILIGHT ZONE: UNSCRIPTED’ THE RISK IN THE SPUR OF THE MOMENTYes 09/20/2013 - There’s a risk in everything we do. Granted, the risk may be negligible to downright perilous but our limited capability to foresee with absolute certainty carries a measure of unknowable results or consequences. We can hedge our bets based on experience. We rely on consistencies, routines and sometimes a faulty sense of confidence in ourselves and our judgment to carry us through to the next minute, the next hour and into the next week. All these moments collectively become a life lived and e ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - TAKING A RIDE ON THE WILDSIDE AT THE LA COUNTY FAIRYes 09/13/2013 - It is truly impossible to see the gigantic LA County Fair in one visit. Plan ahead and take advantage of discounts - adult admission is $12 on weekdays and $15 on weekends. Walgreen's offers a season pass for $25. This year we found a Wednesday discount that included admission and a ride wristband for $25 offered by Del Taco ( full price would have been $62 ). Check out the Promotion page on the fair website for deals for the day you plan to go. If you have a smartypants phone you can find your ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Orange County - THAR SHE BLOWS: A WHALE OF A TALEYes 08/30/2013 - Southern California beach towns are great places to visit anytime. Scenic Newport Beach is no exception. The main attraction here is the harbor and the best way to enjoy it is to get out on the water. Kayak or paddleboard in the back bay, take a cruise around the harbor, or do like we did recently and go whale watching. Paddle the backbay Visit some beautiful beaches just inside the harbor Amuse yourself before and after the cruise. Boarding the boat Slow cruise through the harbor We found a g ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - LITERARY CARNIVAL III: BE THERE WITH BELLETRISTIC BELLS ONYes 08/21/2013 - These cool cats are as they say, "too legit to be lit." We attended last year's 2nd annual lit-fest and had reams of fun. Located at the Lyric-Hyperion Cafe Theater in Silverlake, these renegade writers, poets and performance artists put on an entertaining evening of readings, flash fiction and includes audience participation with MadLibs and free association, lending to some surprising improvisation. Go early as the pre-show outside is full of colorful, witty characters. Buy a poem on the spot ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - YAKOV SMIRNOFF’S ‘HAPPILY EVER LAUGHTER’ TICKLES THE HEART & SOULYes 08/08/2013 - The name Yakov Smirnoff should ring a bell. He is the funny Russian comedian of the 80s, exclaiming with wide-eyed enthusiasm “What a country!” His meteoric rise to stardom is the epitome of the American dream. Immigrating to the U.S. and becoming a citizen in 1977 with a rudimentary command of the English language, Smirnoff soon appeared on the Johnny Carson Show and in movies alongside Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks. Not bad for a guy who in ordering quiche asked for a “quick ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - FREAKS ON VENICE BOARDWALK? YOU DON’T SAY??No 08/02/2013 - Consider the rather colorful personage hocking their kitschy wares along Venice Boardwalk a preview to the main attraction that is Freakshow. For only $5, this show and museum of oddities is a must-see, garnering fascination among locals and tourists since owner Todd Ray opened shop seven years ago in his avid pursuit of anything not normal. Normal is an insult to these kindly folks who have taken the term “freak” and parlayed it into a profitable family business and reality TV show on AMC. I ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - THE SECOND MOUNTING OF ‘JUDAS ISCARIOT’ IS A GODSENDYes 07/25/2013 - There is a god in the L.A. theater community and his name is Josh T. Ryan. A founding member of Zombie Joe’s Underground, Ryan brings an ambitiously fresh, determined sensibility as the newly appointed director to Breedlove Productions’ second staging of “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” and raises an otherwise would-be Lazarus from the dead. It’s rare for a show to experience a transfiguration after its initial reception received less than stellar reviews, (*earning a tepid 66% Bitterswee ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ‘THE ISLAND’ SHOULD REMAIN AN ISLAND UNTO ITSELFYes 07/19/2013 - O, I have suffered
With those that I saw suffer! - Miranda from “The Tempest”
“Mom, what the fuck was that?”
- Miranda from “The Island”
Shakespeare said it best because he’s the big, bad boy Bard. Nuff said. 400 years later and apparently the magical charms of “The Tempest” requires a juvenile re-imagining set to music. Clearly, this romantic, neoclassical tale needs help or the SkyPilot Theatre believes it does. Book and music by Jonathan Price takes the fantastic world of an island ......
Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - PETER MAC FILLS JUDY GARLAND'S RUBY SLIPPERSYes 07/12/2013 - It takes an hour for Peter Mac to become the physical incarnation of Judy Garland. It only takes five minutes into his performance to appreciate how close we are to the genuine article. This isn’t just a tribute—it is a summoning. Judy lives for those who still believe in the magic of Oz. What keeps the incomparable icon alive is New York transplant, Peter Mac. An accomplished actor and writer, his love affair with Judy began in his youth, finding solace in her recordings in his family home’ ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ALL IN THE FAMILY: THE GEERS IN “THE ROYAL FAMILY”Yes 06/28/2013 - George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber’s delightful comedy about a family of actors is the ideal revival for the Geer clan and defacto company members to stage in their 40th Anniversary Summer season. First performed in 1930, the humor still holds up 70 years later, especially among avid theater-goers and thespians. Were it not for the intriguing premise of a local acting dynasty appropriating Kaufman and Ferber’s sly wink at the Barrymores, this delicious but fluffy parody might be less satisfyin ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - IT’S EASY TO JUST IMAGINE TIM PIPER AS JOHN LENNONYes 06/27/2013 - On December 8, 1980, during a Monday night football game, sportscaster Howard Cosell announced John Lennon’s death. Watching the game was 24-year-old Tim Piper, a Los Angeles based rock musician bearing a similar resemblance to the former Beatle. Piper, who had already started impersonating Lennon, realized in that moment the gravity and need to cultivate what would soon become his highly successful and eclectic career as a tribute artist. “I want people to celebrate that he was here,” Piper ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - CHINATOWNLANDNo 06/21/2013 - When I took this photo ten years ago I had no idea it was temporary. In fact the sign seemed totally appropriate to me because at that time this part of Chinatown (Chinatown Plaza) seemed more like a theme park than a real place. I even imagined that the vacant lot where it was located had probably contained some kind of rides or other amusements in past years. As it turns out CHINATOWNLAND was a short term art installation created by Andre Yi in 2002 and only expected to stay up for a few mont ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - WILL GEER'S THEATRICUM BOTANICUM’S CHARMING "TAMING OF THE SHREW"Yes 06/21/2013 - For its opening production of summer 2013, Theatricum Botanicum revives Shakespeare’s comic "Taming of the Shrew" with Ellen Geer directing to highlight the humor and Willow Geer game for the indignities in the role of Katherina (or Kate) the shrew. It feels like this anti-feminist play has seen few productions over the past decade or so, but recently there have been a spate of revivals, with comedy overcoming the misgivings of conscience. The basic plot is that a confident young man called Pe ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - CREATIVE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: “WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT”Yes 06/21/2013 - In Jackie Sibblies Drury’s west coast premiere at The Matrix Theatre, a troupe of six ragtag performers set out to create an informal discourse on the subject of a century past genocide. The 25-worded title of Drury’s play details the intent, the subject matter, and the difficult task of attempting to dramatize an obscure but volatile period of history: “We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Nambia, Formerly Known as Southwest Africa, From the German Sudwestafrika, Betwe ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - “NIGHT OF NOIR” CAPTURED AURAL PHANTASY THEATER AT THE EL CIDYes 06/07/2013 - It was a Sunday evening in Los Angeles. Dusk. The possibilities were as endless as a leggy blonde teetering at the edge of a barstool. I hit the streets. A gnawing ache in the pit of my stomach churned queasily. My throat was as dry as the Nevada desert as I cruised down Hollywood Boulevard in search of something, a drink, a cigarette, a hot dame cooling her heels on the fading vestiges of her wasted youth. The street curved like a barb, shooting me onto Sunset, west, another boulevard of broke ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Downtown LA - BIDDY MASON PARKYes 06/06/2013 - The Biddy Mason Park is located behind the famous Bradbury Building at Broadway and 3rd. You can walk out the back door and right into the park. Biddy Mason walked to California as a slave behind her master's wagon in the mid 1800's. A few years later she was able to petition for her freedom - California was anti-slavery. She went on to own a house and other parcels of property, run an orphanage and found a church in what is now Downtown L.A. The park is a cool oasis with trees, a water fountai ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - NOT A CORNFIELD ANYMORENO 05/31/2013 - The view from the new Los Angeles State Historic Park in 2008 In 2005 this site was a living sculpture known as "Not a Cornfield." Now it is the Los Angeles State Historic Park and is located in Downtown Los Angeles near the Chinatown Gold Line Metro Station. "NOT A CORNFIELD". In 2005 artist Lauren Bon turned a brownfield into a living sculpture by planting a million corn seeds in the 32 acre future Los Angeles Historic Park site. Visit for more information about this in ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - "DYING CITY" AT THE ROGUE MACHINE IS MEHYes 05/24/2013 - One of the hardest reviews for a critic to write is when the subject in examination is average or meh. In the case of theater, it means a production has enough strong elements to not be totally bad, but lacks other elements to keep it from being above average or dare I say it, exceptional. Average is not the critic’s friend, let alone the audience. Those who invest their time, energy and passion into what ultimately amounts to an average result aren’t receiving any favors either. I don’t bel ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Downtown LA - THIS WEEK'S EYE KNOW L.A. QUESTIONNo 05/17/2013 - For more than 10 years now I've been photographing our city and writing about what's going on around town. As you might imagine the Eye Spy photo file is quite large. I thought it would be fun to share some of the old stuff from the past 10 years with you. In fact this photo is particularly timely right now. Do you know L.A. like Eye know L.A.? LAST WEEK'S QUESTION & THE ANSWER: Where was this photo taken, what is it of, and why was Eye Spy LA there? WHERE - Downtown L.A. WHAT - The Orpheum The ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Downtown LA - GARDEN STREAM CREATURE: VICTIM OF CITY BUDGET CUTS?Yes 05/17/2013 - I took this photo in 2004. I spotted Ihis poor boney critter in a pool in the gardens next to the Central Library in Downtown LA. As It turns out it is actually one of the many public artworks in Mcguire Gardens representing a skeleton of a Labyrinthodont, a representative of the first "fish" to develop both feet and lungs according to information at Public Art in LA. The Central Library is located near the Pershing Square Metro Red Line station and both the gardens and the library are a fantas ......Things to do in Los Angeles
California Coast - PENGUINS, SEAHORSES, JELLYFISH OH MY! AT MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUMYes 04/26/2013 - An easy weekend getaway is heading up the 101 North and stopping along the way at beach towns like Pismo, wineries in Paso Robles, or John Steinbeck’s stomping grounds in Salinas. Those who wish to push further but stay just shy of San Francisco won’t be disappointed by visiting Monterey. This area is concentrated with sightseeing excursions from the comfort of your own vehicle like the 17-Mile Drive in Pebble Beach, to winding around the quaint beachfront villas in Carmel and is half an hour ......Weekend Getaways
Los Angeles - THE KISS METHOD…KEEP IT SIMPLE SMART IN “YEARS TO THE DAY”Yes 04/26/2013 - The world premiere of Allen Barton’s two-hander play epitomizes the KISS Method (otherwise known as ‘keep it simple stupid’) but in this case it is actually quite smart. Smart enough not to need any window dressing in the sense of a set beyond a table and two chairs; smarter still, director Joel Polis wisely keeps both men’s butts in seats almost throughout the 90 minutes. The script is also smart enough to hold the audiences’ attention because the actors Jeff LeBeau and Michael Yavnieli d ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - THOMAS THE T-REX AND FRIENDS IN THEIR EXPANDED DIGS AT THE NHMYes 04/19/2013 - Bigger is better. Just ask Thomas the T-Rex and his extinct friends at the Dinosaur Hall in the L.A. County Museum of Natural History. Judging by those big, toothy millions of years old grins, T-Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Struthiomimus seem very happy with their new digs. The newly expanded Dinosaur Hall opened in July, 2011 and at 14,000 square feet is twice the size of the former galleries. Centered on the growth of the T-Rex from its infancy to its juvenile (and we’re sure quite the ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - VICIOUS DOGS IN NOHO: SWEET, SALTY & FULL OF FLAVORYes 04/12/2013 - In need of some good meat on a bun? The answer is Vicious Dogs. Don’t let the name scare you as this is one of the friendliest eateries located in the heart of the NoHo Arts District. If you’re in the area to see a live stage show on Theater Row or catching a flick at the Laemmle 7 (located directly across from Vicious Dogs), this is the best casual dining for a quick but satisfying bite. These charbroiled dogs are sizzlin’ with variety, fantastic combinations and bursting with flavor. We re ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - BETTY HUTTON: HOT DOG!Yes 04/12/2013 - Bob Hope described the bubbly blonde actress as a “vitamin pill with legs.” A favorite among GIs during WWII, Hope quipped “if they put a propeller on Betty Hutton and sent her over to Germany, the war’d be over by Christmas.”
Such was her charm and beauty undiminished by her goofy facial expressions and larger than life stage presence when she belted out a Frank Loesser number (putting him on the map as a songwriter). Discovered at the age of fourteen, Hutton had the vocal chops to catap ......
Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - WOLVES: A VERY BLOODY FAIRY TALEYes 04/05/2013 - Reappropriating fairy tales for adults has seen a recent resurgence in the current zeitgeist to the extent that it shares similar parallels with the early 20th century Expressionist movement. Reaching its height during the Industrial Movement, expressionists delved into the angst and psychology of the self often with moody undertones and fantastic settings in a direct response to industrialization through anti-realism. From “Wicked” to “Arrow,” the fascination with tales of yore has bubbled ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Palm Springs area - PIONEERTOWNNo 03/31/2013 - Pioneertown was built in the '40's as a western movie set. During the week it seems like a nicely restored old ghost town, but on the weekends... Pappy & Harriet's is a popular saloon featuring live entertainment and ... A friend of mine described the place as "the best honky tonk this side of the Mississippi." Now it is home to SLIDESHOW MUSIC: Death Valley Waltz by Lucas Gonze is licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal License. ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - GET THEE TO “PARADISE”…Y’ALL WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME, YA’ HEARYes 03/29/2013 - The world premiere of a kicky bluegrass musical at the Ruskin Group Theatre in Santa Monica delivers corn spun humor and wit with the refined subtleness of biscuits and gravy, but it leaves you feeling full and satisfied in spite of the hackneyed storyline and clichéd hillbilly characters. Music and book by Bill Robertson, Tom Sage, and Cliff Wagner indulges in small town stereotypes clashing against an unscrupulous Hollywood reality TV crew as they swoop in on the invitation of a mysterious ne ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - RUNNING TO STAND STILL: "TRAINSPOTTING" Yes 03/22/2013 - NOTE: For those unable to read this in the Scots dialect, we’ve supplied you with the Standard English version below. Aboot fuckin time n aws thit, likesay, director Roger Mathey remoots his belter 2002 production based oan the novel by Scottish punter, Irvine Welsh. Ah’m warnin youse this isnae fir ivir one. It’s two hours ay radge addicts gittin high oan skag between shaggin wi skuddy burds but no the catboys, (whae is a bit ay a slag off fir the mantovani’s but whit kin you dae), n harsh ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Hollywood - THE MAN AND THE IMAGE IN “UNDISPUTED TRUTH”Yes 03/21/2013 - There is the man and the image. There is the guy in the ring, the guy in the acclaimed biopic from a few years back and then there is the guy sitting on a stool under a spotlight on the stage of The Pantages Theater. It’s as unlikely a place to imagine seeing world champion boxer Mike Tyson as any but this is what makes so many want to see him. We need a chance to understand this brutal fighter, thoughtful brain and gentle soul. And that is what "Undisputed Truth" is all about. Having trained ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - LIFE OF PI LEAPS TO LIFE WITH 3D CHALK ART AT LA LIVEYes 03/13/2013 - A sidewalk isn’t just a canvas for local chalk artist, Tracy Lee Stum, it is a portal into a 3D world. Commemorating the Blu-ray-DVD release of the acclaimed major motion picture, Life of Pi, Stum and her assistants, John and Julio, bring an iconic scene to life with chalk, paint and an incredible amount of imagination. Holding the Guiness World Record for the ‘World’s Largest Chalk Painting by an Individual’ for the DVD release of The Da Vinci Code in 2006, Stum plies her unique talents ag ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - BLURRED LINES BUT SHARP ACTING: "SEXSTING" Yes 03/08/2013 - For those who avidly watched Dateline’s voyeuristic and creep-ridden To Catch a Predator, “Sexsting” by Doris Baizley and Susan Raffanti offer a variant on this theme where the bad guy isn’t so easily pigeon-holed and the good guy isn’t so easily innocent. It makes for uneasy theater, deeply fascinating, tinged with blurred lines of entrapment, ethics and friendship. The ever impeccable JD Cullum as sex forum addict John Doe, (Johnny D as he is known in the cyber world) has the difficult t ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - ANTI-NORTON THIS! “THE AGONY AND THE ECSTASY OF STEVE JOBS” Yes 03/08/2013 - I’ve been infected with a virus. For what I have there is no cure. It is highly contagious. This virus spreads as quickly and invisibly as malware. As I’m writing this on a laptop, the virus runs in the background. It has altered my perception, however slightly, as viruses are known to do. The virus I refer to is Alex Lyras in Mike Daisey’s controversial “The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” at Theatre Asylum. A byte sized piece of prop-theater, Daisey’s monologue attracted critical a ......Things to do in Los Angeles
Los Angeles - “SMOKE AND MIRRORS” – AN ALCHEMY OF MAGIC, HOPE AND HEARTYes 03/01/2013 - In psychology, magical thinking refers to the belief that one’s thoughts can effect reality or bring about change through ritual or ascribing power to objects or seeing causal correlations that might not be otherwise related. It is often found in children, especially when grieving the death of someone close to them, like a parent. Make-believe and fantasy become coping mechanisms, occasionally rendering the child to create an imaginary friend in lieu of the departed, or to strongly believe tha ......Things to do in Los Angeles